Ski resort

The Kalavrita Ski Centre is located on the northwest side of Mount Helmos and its slopes extend at an altitude of 1700m (Xerocampos) to 2.340m (Neraidorachi). At the same time, the distance from the city of Kalavrita is only 14km.

It started its operation in 1988 after painful and chronic efforts of the then Mayor of Kalavrita and visionary of the centre Panos Polkas. Its creation contributed greatly to the development of tourism in the wider region, making Kalavrita one of the most popular winter destinations in the country. The number of visitors arriving in Helmos during the winter season exceeds 150,000 people every year. Among them are ordinary visitors, skiers of all levels and families looking for an excursion in nature. Finally, it is the closest ski resort to Athens (only 203km away) and welcomes skiers and snowboarders from all over Greece due to its strategic location close to the majority of the country's main urban centres.

In the ski resort's facilities there are a total of eight (8) lifts and fourteen (14) slopes including all levels of difficulty, with a total length of 25km. The roads are snow-covered 24 hours a day and access to the ski resort from Kalavrita is always easy and particularly beautiful, as the visitor passes through a path full of fir trees. It has spacious parking areas (30,000 m2 right next to its entrance), a first aid station, two chalets (one Finnish building at its base and one in Vathia Lakka at an altitude of 1850m), an equipment rental shop, ski & snowboard learning schools for all aspiring skiers and various other activities that one can choose from (snowmobile rental, snow sleds, playground, etc.).

Finally, at the top of Neraidochi at an altitude of 2,340m, the operation of the telescope of the National Observatory of Athens called "ARISTARCHOS", which is the largest telescope in the Balkans and the second largest in continental Europe, is of dominant importance.

The Centre is open daily during the winter period (from December to April) from 09:00am to 16:00pm. At the same time, it is open to visitors during the other months when visitors can wander around the mountain and choose alternative, non-organized activities such as hiking, mountain biking, mountaineering, etc.

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