Helmos Observatory - "Aristarchos" Telescope

The largest telescope in the Balkans and the second largest in continental Europe, which was installed in September 2004 on the Fairy Rocks of Chelmos, at an altitude of 2,340 m.

It is a very important project of the National Observatory of Athens and has a mirror diameter of 2.3 m. It is named after the great Samian astronomer, physicist and mathematician Aristarchus (4th century BC). It is fully equipped, with a large field of view that makes it ideal for participation in international programmes, with very good quality optics and high-resolution cameras. The telescope is also of educational character, as it is intended for training students on site and via network, for training the public (schools, universities, cultural institutions, etc.), and for providing high-quality scientific and technological services to educational and social institutions. The location of the telescope was chosen because the Ski Centre provides it with an appropriate infrastructure (easy road access, electricity, telephone) and does not suffer from urban light pollution. It is also one of the darkest areas in Europe. The telescope is above the clouds a large proportion of the year and can observe images of excellent quality.

Trikamaro bridge in Daphne

With its three asymmetrical arches it connects the banks of the river Paios, in Daphne. It is relatively recently repaired with the Leader programme and the responsibility of the municipality of Daphne.

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