Rivers / Rafting - Kayak

For water lovers / Go with the flow

Stand in the river, become the river that lives inside you... that flows so peacefully, that so suddenly swells and runs fast... and sometimes overflows with anger... and so it continues and engulfs you forever.

Ladonas, Erymanthos, Aroanios, Vouraikos, Selinountas are waiting for you in their company... Accept the challenge...

One of the best combinations of sport and contact with the beauty of the natural landscape is through the water. You can choose between Canoe Kayak and Rafting, even if you have not tried them before, and to go down the river Ladonas which is of moderate difficulty, so suitable for beginners or the rushing river Erymanthos, for the more experienced, with special boats, instructor / guide, safety and special technical equipment.

You will have fun and get high doses of energy by crossing magical landscapes.

Let the water guide you!

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