Cog Railway

You can hear the train whistle... and the journey begins... a journey of a lifetime... a dreamy passage through the canyon, through the lush vegetation... and as it recedes... beauty emerges... it dips on the rails with the river as its companion... And then, baring its teeth, it claws and climbs the vertical mountains, through stalagmite caves, over bridges...

Get on board... enjoy an idyllic experience.

The famous railway line, the Odontotos Railway, has been described as the most spectacular in the Balkans! It connects Diakofto with Kalavrita, tirelessly climbing, since 1896, the incomparable beauty of the Vouraikos Gorge, which is worth admiring in all seasons of the year. Odontotos travels a distance of 22,350 metres, crossing 49 bridges and landscapes of rare natural beauty, reaching the town of Kalavrita in 60 minutes. Its construction started in 1889 and lasted 7 years, while its first run took place on 10 March 1896.

Distance: 22km

Time: 60 minutes

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