Mega Spileo Monastery

The Mega Spileo Monastery is located at the 10th kilometer of the road Kalavrita - Pounda - N.R. Patras - Athens.

The landscape, the ephemeral icon of the Speleotissa and the untiring spirit of the monks make the monastery unique. Stubbornly stuck in a spacious cave (hence its name), at the base of a huge, threatening, vertical rocky complex of Chelmos at an altitude of 940 m., causes awe and admiration with its uniqueness. The catholic carved into the rock is a cruciform temple inscribed with two narthexes. The main church preserves the frescoes of 1653, remarkable marble flooring, a carved wooden iconostasis, an older pulpit, etc., while in the narthex the frescoes date back to the beginning of the 19th century. In this church is kept the icon of the Virgin Mary, traditionally attributed to the Evangelist Luke, of the type "Vrefokratousis", worked with wax and mastic on a board, slightly patronized by the occasional fires. The monastery is associated with many miracles and traditions, with particular contribution to the Struggle of 1821 and the Occupation of 1943, and to this day it preserves and keeps many valuable sacred and national relics: National robes, sigils, manuscripts with excellent miniatures, valuable artistic golden crosses with honest wood, sacred vessels, icons of great value, engravings, an epitaph, a beautiful tablet, six-wings, the shoulder bag of Chrysanthos Notaras, epitaphs, antimensionals, portraits, etc. α. In a special chapel are presented other icons, reliquaries (coffins of the founders of the monastery), etc., while another one houses the library of the monastery, which still preserves dozens of antiquities.

Of the sights, the monks usually show the visitor the 'Tripio Lithari' (a hole through which the sunlight passes only during the two equinoxes), the huge barrel 'Angelis' (with a capacity of about 10,000 kilos) and on the opposite peak the '1821' written by nature itself. Rightly, therefore, the reputation of the Monastery had gone beyond the borders of the Peloponnese.


Opening hours: Daily 08:00 am until sunset.

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